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Protected: World English

Mr McTiernan's Resources

Protected: Paper 1 Section A Exam

Exam Advice Question 1 & 2 Advice Question 3 Advice Sample Texts 1930s Somerset Guide 2015 Somerset Guide Action Aid Bernados Marathon BSc Mathematics Course Guide CV Elephant Transript Family Travel Blog Flu jab Friendly Farm Halo Transcript Holiday...

Protected: William Labov & Martha’s Vineyard Study (1963)

https://vimeo.com/262026148 William Labov & Martha's Vineyard Study (1963) Video Notes Article about the significance of the Martha's Vineyard Study

Protected: William Labov & Rhoticity in New York Dept. Stores (1966)

https://vimeo.com/262026077 William Labov & Rhoticity in New York Dept. Stores (1966) Video notes

Protected: Sociolinguistics: An Introduction

https://vimeo.com/262026209 Sociolinguistics: An Introduction - Video notes

Protected: Wider Learning

Language Tools Pragmatics Taking Turns in Conversations (Podcast 30 mins) Language and Social Groups Language and Gender Identity (Podcast 30 mins) Are we All Speaking Football (Podcast 30 mins) Social...

Protected: Paper 2: Exam Guidance

Exam Overview / Revision Resources Past Papers / Revision Resources / Links Q3: Analysing Linguistic Articles P.A.S.T: Exam Structure Guidance Q3 Planning Sheet Q4: Writing Articles Technique #1: Responding to...

Protected: Language Change

Mr McTiernan's Powerpoint Resources Other History of the English Language

Protected: Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Devices Notes

Protected: Speech Acts

https://vimeo.com/257090158 Speech Acts Video Notes

Effective Revision

Topic Overviews